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    Mobile GPU comparison, Explanation, and ranking

    GPU, it stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It processes all the graphics on your system while you are playing video games, all the animations we see on apps, movie playback, video playback. More powerful GPU will result in better animation and graphics. Topics to be discussed in the article are: GPU in Mobile phones Mobile GPU comparison and types Mobile GPU rankings 2019 GPU in computer GPU in Mobile Phones GPU is present on the mobile SOCs (System on Chip) along with CPU, wifi, Bluetooth, IPU, etc. They are so placed and connected for better processing and output speed. Mobile…

  • artificial intelligence in medical science

    Application of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science

    What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence, or essentially named as AI, as the name proposes, is the intelligence showed by the machines. By procuring intelligence, albeit artificial, the machines will wind up fit for working and responding like people. Today,…

  • road construction technology

    Evolving Road Construction Technology

    The global road network is one of the largest networks we have today. The United States alone has a total length of 6.6 million kilometers of the road network. Different road types depend on their use, location and construction method.…

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    Advantages of Linux, Linux vs Windows, Linux vs Mac OS

    What is an Operating System? Operating System acts as an interface between the user and the computer system. It integrates all the input and output devices, applications, software at one place and provides common services for computer programs. The first…

  • What is 5G and Need of 5G


    What is 5G Technology? A Journey from 1G to 5G 1G The technology where doors for the first ever analog cell phones opened. 2G Inroduction to SMS & Voice Messages, where people can message someone over networking. 3G Introduced with…

  • Entrepreneur
    Business Talks

    Challenges that Entrepreneurs faces, reason why entrepreneurs fail?

    Today we will discuss entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship? Importance of entrepreneurship development. Characteristics and Concept of Entrepreneurship. Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs and Reasons why entrepreneurs fail. Why Entrepreneurship? Importance of Entrepreneurship Development An entrepreneur is a person who establishes an…

  • My Digital Footprint

    Protecting My Digital Footprint : Secured Life

    What is My Digital Footprint??? We as a whole have a Digital Footprint paying little respect to the amount you spend online. Regardless of whether you have never been online, don’t have email or utilize web-based life, despite everything you…

  • Business Talks

    Why China is investing in Africa???

    Political alliance manifest themselves on the voting floor of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Here, the countries impose legislation that carries weight worldwide and so what happens in this room is the physical materialisation of the world’s…

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